This might sound scary but you need to know

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Idk if you are being paranoid or just safe ! I do know a lot of people who only text and never call or pick up calls, in fact I’m one of them lol ! I feel incredibly awkward talking on the phone to someone I do not know so it’s just more comfortable for me to text ! However if someone is weary of me because alls I do is text then I’m always more then happy to do a phone call if requested 💜
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Hi @Lisa-Dodge I never give my phone number on any offerup transactions,,,,,,thats too much information to give a buyers or a seller,,,,,,,everyone that used offerup can just text,,,,,,it works fine that way.,,,,,heck i dont even give out my phone number to some of my family lol.,,,,,,,,,,oh yeah,,,,,,,,,,,welcome to offerup forums

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Hi @dnurse84 welcome to the forums

@Limowm ,
I do know that people who have gov't phones more commonly called Obama phones only have 250 talk mins a month but unlimited texting. I always give my cell # out to a confirmed meet up as this app and others doesn't always inform me immediately of a message. I don't want to mess up the sale so when iys time to meet i say text me when your there, ill be there in 5 mins. It always works. I've made a point to avoid creeps and weirdos. Of my gut says no its no. Nothing ,no one,and no amoit of money is worth your life!
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Trutou dont mean a thing. Sociopaths are good at presenting their selves as legit people too. E-verification is a false sense of security.

INSTEAD take safety into your hands

Most law enforcement offices have designated meetup spots in their parking lots for online sellers/buyers complete with cameras that are monitored by dispatch. Cops get nervous if people start screaming and yelling in their parking lot. If someone doesnt want to meet at a police facility, be cautious.

If you live in a state that allows open or conceal carry, do so.

At the very least carry pepper spray and never ever EVER go alone.
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Hi @Andii welcome to the forum , personally I think its a bad idea to open carry a gun to an offerup meet up. If that happen at one of my meetups, I would let them know that I think they are an idiot and that I am not interested in doing business with them.   As far as meeting in a police station parking lot,,that very much depends on the town and the police station,,in my town a very bad idea ,,small busy lot with police having to leave in a hurry,,,,,,,,,,i would never meet there.                    By the way, I fully support the NRA and our right to bear arms.

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Well if your state allows open carry who are you to be allowed to have an opinion either way? I question your ‘NRA support’

I have my concealed carry permit and legally allowed to open carry on my property as I am on large acreage and run into snakes and such and often need protection.

Nobody has any right to complain at me or have contrary opinion of my rights.
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Such good and important advice. You just never know and its always better to be safe. Thank you!
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@Andii that would be the first amendment which is before the second amendment btw
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@Andii Selling snakes on offerup is agains the rules,,,,,so you dont need to have your gun on your hip when meeting me for an offerup transaction,,,,,,,,and as far as your right to carry a gun,,,,,,im not questioning that at all,,,,,,,,,but if you display a gun while attempting to do business with me,,,,,,,,,,i indeed do have the right to tell you what i think of it,,,,,,and i would ,,,,,I know for a fact that displaying a gun will end the transaction with a lot of other offerup buyers and sellers,,,,,,,one person just told me the other day ,he said, ,,, "I  always watch their hands, you never know , they might have a gun",,,,,,,,,,,,,,again i am not questioning anyones right to carry a gun,,,,,in my state open carry is legal , and getting a conceal carry permit is not hard,,,,, but most of us leave our guns at home to go to an offerup meetup,,,,,some that have permits do carry their conceal weapon,,,,,,,i have no problem with that,,,,,,,,but again,,,if i see a gun,,,,,,the transaction is over and i will indeed let them know what i think.