This might sound scary but you need to know

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Hello! In reply to your post about Doggy. I guarantee I take my big old 85 lb. 1/2 Rott & 1/2 Pitt with me. Good advice. L11
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I'm just N. of H-Town in Spring.
Curipus abput what site S. Tx. Peeps meet. Welcome & good luck to you. L11
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I WAS & STILL AM AN IDENTITY THEFT VICTIM. Can't begin to tell you how much it has cost me financially, mentally & flat out screwed me up for several years. Amyway...this is why I didn't do the TruYou thing. When I did finally bite the bullet a few days ago as I have friends that I'd like to buy & sell to all over I had an unpleasant experience due to protection I have in place for further ID attempts to steal. Be careful-especially w/fb! Maybe TruYou members can give you better info. L11
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So sorry this has/ is still happening in your life! 😬
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I prefer to do texts at first as I don't answer phone numbers that I don't know....after initial text and I am aware that it is a possible buyer, I will do calls with that person....
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Wow...scary and an eye-opener! Thank you!
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Unfortunately people share too much information and like this person said don’t give anything till they are in the car and going to pick up merchandise or if it small you go meet them in a public place with a witness. But knowbody tells the scary about being harassed by the people selling stuff I’m a buyer too , if I reguest and inquiry I only asking. Don’t come back texting me do you want to buy it I need to pay my bills. So with that said which is very low class I thank people for there inquiry. Cab Offer Up come out putting a short version to guide those people how they should respond or be more Business minded. When they do that I don’t respond back and ignore or block. But safety no matter what you are selling. Safety and your life is more valuable than your merchandise. Hello to everyone thank you community 🙏🙏
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Police stations, great idea. Don’t know why I never thought of this. Can’t get safer then that.
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Are you a buyer / seller?
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Honestly if I feel I need my firearm to do a sale then I’m probably not doing that sale. Some of my safety rules are -

As a seller I pick the location. Usually the shopping center close to my house.

If it’s a high dollar item eg brand new iPhone, I meet at my local police station.

Already carry a counterfeit pen.

Try not to deal after dark.

Never ever trust anyone.

Collect and verify payment before buyer opens a brand new item.

For iPhones / Apple watches etc only allow buyer to login into iCloud account after payment. Once they login you can’t log them out so phone is basically theirs.

Always makes sure buyer is on camera at some point eg by entering a walmart or other store.