This might sound scary but you need to know

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@SydBey - I always meet front of shopping store entrance ( Walmart, Target, etc). That way you have video of you meeting the buyer, and have a record in case something unthinkable happens like receiving fake money or goods.
I've bought and sold alot on here and I never give more personal info than needed. I always do my buy or sales at the bigger newer gas stations or supermarket parking lots.
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HI @HaywoodJablomie welcome to the forums,,,,,, I do most of my meetups in a hardware store parking lot across the street from a busy grocery store,,so far im loveing offerup,,,,,,,,,,,,what kind of stuff do you sale haywood?

@0317 the majority of things I selling are motorcycle related items. One thing about houston is there are highways everywhere and theres always a big gas station that's well lit up and I always pick the places I know that are always busy with people 24hrs a day. Being a native New Yorker I dont trust anyone lol.
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@HaywoodJablomie so how are sales for you there,,,,,,,,i would imagine pretty good?,,,,,I used to live in Dallas,,,,,,,there also service stations would be great meet up spots,,,,,,,,,im in a smaller town in washington state now,,,,,,,,sales on offerup here are better than i thought they would be for the smaller number of people in a 30 miles radius,,,one thing i like about offerup is that a lot of buyers become addicted to it..

@0317 not too bad cause Houston has ALOT of motorcycles. I pretty much stopped posting on craigslist cause I got tired of the Nigerian scammers contacting me. But Houston is a notorious lowball city lol.
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@HaywoodJablomie I think the whole nation is full of lowballers,,,,,,,i think that is just a fact of life ,,,,i dont mind them too bad,,,,,once in a while get annoying one that tells ya how they can get it cheaper somewhere else,,,,lol,,,,,,im like ,,,well go buy it then,why try to get my price down if you  already have a place to buy it cheaper

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Welcome back to the fray @Dad_Tired. Welcome to the Community Forums @HaywoodJablomie. Also being from NY it's a little more obvious the measures of safety that should be taken. Always to what's best to be safe.

This is a Very Important question, and one I have too. Thx!
Thank you @cyclomatic ... I think I replied to you a few Xs bit didn't know to put the @ in front. Now I do. Thanks.

- Ellerbee