This will not verify my phone number

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I made a post on here and it went through just fine I got a reply so they have to verify my phone number and I verify my phone number at least 500,000 times now and it still keeps asking me to verify my phone number so therefore I cannot answer anybody’s replies help
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Welcome to the community, @Alfbarks! Just to double check - are you using your cell number, and is it a US-based phone? Currently, only US phones will work for phone verification and VOIP numbers also won't work. 

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Have you gone through all settings with any other accounts ie FB or your phones settings that may possibly have a different # as this could cause conflict. Google is really something to check as well. Might need to link your accounts with all apps showing same info or this could create corruption within the database powers that be. Another suggestion is to log off OU (but make sure u know your p/w to get back on. The other option is to to & seek community help from them. Hope this helps & wish you best of luck. Good to meet you. Hang tough! L11