TruYou Verify Red Flagging Is Highly Responsible Of OfferUp

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I have been reading complaints and confusion about OfferUp forcing you to go through TruYou verification processing mid sale on red flagged items like high end basketball shoes, cell phones and laptops.
I find it very responsible and good for the site. Those are items that cost a lot of money and thugs will put up fake ads and rob you when you meet for the transaction. Not only is that bad for the people robbed, it also creates fear from buyers to purchase items for fear of getting robbed and assaulted. I applaud OfferUp for using due diligence to keep people safer and to prevent the site from getting a bad reputation
Community Manager

GREAT post, @Phil_Webber!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions on the TruYou feature! You absolutely nailed the reasons why we implemented this feature. While it may be inconvenient to sign up for this feature in the middle of a transaction, it is only meant to protect the seller or buyer in that case. Trust and safety are number one for us here and we're always trying to implement new features to with safety in mind. 

Fun fact - the Online Community team (which is just me lol) is a part of the OfferUp Community Safety Team!