Trueyou forreal!!!???

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What is going on if anyone can help me and tell me why I cannot send any messages to people messaging me because true you was forcing and making me goes through true you to message somebody am I doing something wrong I've used this for over a year I've been very good at what I do I have a small business now and I loves offer up why is it doing this

@CDUB2792 ....The system flags certain undisclosed behaviors and prompts for the TruYou process. Your account will basically be useless until you are verified. If you wish to continue using the app, create another account. There is no other workarond or exceptions.

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I've been on here year never had a problem thousands of items on my page I do this for fun to make people smile my prices are perfect because they always come back and I'm honest and loyal check my stats check my stars check my timings check my rates you let one person decide on me and they would probably only on here for like 3 days like usual types of people who complain I put a smile are people's faces and I know I do cuz they always come back they know me by name they come see me at my store I like offer up a lot after I move like this I wouldn't recommend them to anybody because anybody can say anything they want behind someone's back and just get them completely banned from Us website that makes no sense
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I'm exactly and others are what this page are for and because of some person that's new I guess something stupid cuz I didn't even get a warning I don't even know anyting I'm really disappointed in offer up
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Am hearing your frustration, might I add...
Are you using the shipping feature?
This happens sometimes when shipping high value items.
Or, something is not following posting rules/guidelines?
Exactly, what are you using OU for?
Also, make sure you are not screen shooting items, spamming, or including personal information.
Hope this helps! GLTU


I did specify "undisclosed" for a reason. There is no room for negotiation, nor will you be given an opportunity to argue your case, as you have been given a chance to continue selling on the platform. Most mid to large companies have some sort of risk management department, and they assess "risk" in every sense of the word. Your action(s) triggered the system.


OfferUP has NOT banned you, as that is your perspective. You have been given a CHOICE. You can also create another account, as I previously indicated.