Unable to Submit Buyer Protector Claim

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I made a purchase through OfferUp shipping. I received my package today. The item still showed as not delivered. The seller assured me that item is Authentic but when I received it’s a counterfeit. I tried to submit Buyer Protection Claim but OfferUp won’t let me and it says I need to wait till my package is delivered. Well it did!
I just want to know how I can send this fake LV wallet back and get my refund per OfferUp Buyer Protection Plan.
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I would email them if you haven't already. Or you can wait until the item says it has been delivered in the offerup shipping label. https://offerup.com/support/new/
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I also can't submit buyer protection claim. I ordered some item on friday, and on sunday when i tried using it i saw, it was missing some parts and thus can't be used. But when i tried submitting buyer protection claim it says its expired. I don't know what to do.
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@Ag09-Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! I'm very sorry that you're having issues with your purchase. As stated, you should email OfferUp Customer service to help resolve this matter.