Unable to rate someone who is a no-show

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Not being able to rate buyers (or sellers) for not showing up is a big negative in my opinion. This basically makes the rating system useless since someone can have twenty 5-star ratings yet be a no-show half the time. If you can't get rated for not showing up what's the purpose of ratings? I say all this on the heels of meeting yet another buyer today who had all 5-star ratings but who didn't show up. I can't give them a negative rating for not showing up because nothing was bought or sold. That's very unfortunate.

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@dfwpike Thanks for being honest about your feedback. This is something we constantly think about on how to make it a better experience for our users, so your feedback is really appreciated. 


Do you find the new OfferUp profiles helping at all? Do these people who don't show have "Reliable" "On-time" or any other highlights on their new profiles? There's more here on the new profiles on our blog, but I would love to hear if you think they have helped in any way and what other features we can add to help with this in the future. 

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Literally had this happen to me 45 minutes ago person did show up not kept circling around and stopped replying after sending me messages all morning about meeting up and being on time I ended up reporting them as I drove 5 miles for this such a waste of time
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I had a very similar experience myself recently. Like you mentioned this person had very positive ratings but totally led me on and never showed up. Did not apologized either for compromising my time; or had the decency to follow up. Very frustrating when you are dealing in good faith. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully offer up will come up with a system to rate these no shows.

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@Idriveseller We are definitely looking into ways to help with this. I'd also love to hear what you guys think about what we could add to make it better for everyone involved. 

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Being able to give a negative rating would at least somewhat deter "seasoned" buyers/selllers from no-showing. As far as new members with no ratings, give them the boot! LOL

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Hi @dfwpike @Generic808 @cashisking @Idriveseller @Elin
I totally 100% agree with you, I’ve had people with great ratings not answer, when I’ve asked if we are still meeting up.
I always send a reminder message so they don’t forget to meet 1/2 hour prior to meeting.
I also arrange they call me when they get to the meeting place telling them I’m only 2 minutes from my house, works really well for both buyers and sellers that way. so if people don’t show at least your not sitting around in a parking lot waiting for someone to show. On having the option rating no shows it cuts both ways, were people leave bogus feedback on each other for whatever reason. yes we definitely need a fix for this issue but one that is far for both parties. Letgo does have a fix when people give bogus reviews, you just report that it’s a bogus review and they look into it, and after investigating it, they will remove that review if it’s bogus.
So maybe OfferUp could follow the same guidelines if they add the option of giving reviews from OfferUp members.
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Maybe Offer up could create a button for no-show’rs / no notification to push that says “changed my mind”.  This may actually work, especially if the sellers had a button to push indicating a “no-show/no notification ”.  And maybe persons with a certain amount of no show /no notification could forfeit their offer up privileges for 30 days.


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Same thing happened to me. Buyer Continue to say he would pay, cancelled all meeting, don't leave messages , requested a lower amount in the end then blocked my number with no reason after promising to pay. This guy is unreliable. All I could do is report him. I am now stuck in a bad situation by trusting g him.
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Same boat but I was the buyer.... drove 15 miles, after confirming and the seller didn’t show up or return my messages, waited half hour! Guy had excellent ratings.
Reporting which it did doesn’t help other people see they’re flakes, there definitely should be a no-show way to rate, this is very disappointing
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