Unable to rate someone who is a no-show

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Adding a negative review for no shows is a great idea.
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If someone makes a deal. Meaning dickers with me about price and then sets a meeting. I have to schedule this in my day. Everybody has things to do. I usually allow 30-40 minutes to make a transaction. Then I have other important life matters.
Now if the deal maker doesn’t show up. They are a deal breaker. Just go to their profile and report them. Hopefully that gives negative feedback. So other people will not be put out by these dealbreakers. Come on people. If you make a deal. Show up and get the stuff.
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Please open up profile to be rated on showing up. Also I would like to be more descriptive on my profile about terms of transaction info. I get so many questions that could be addressed in my profile. For example. As is. No refunds inspect merchandise upon receiving . All transactions are final. Local pickup only. Etc.
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Buyer asked to meet halfway so I drove an hour back and forth and guess what, the buyer didnt show up and started ignoring my messages. Since there’s no way of rating, the most I could do is sending a message. What would you say to a “no show” as a final message?
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You're right it's currently not possible to rate someone unless they rate you first.

Assuming you're the seller.

No shows / Flakers / Bad experiences — you may be able to do something about it in the future.

Provide ideas on how this can be introduced, maybe like eBay where you can comment on a transaction apart from stars.

Well a last message for me would be.

'That was really messed up honestly rude, I took time out of my day to help out spending gas delivering half way and you failed me. Please don't do this to people.'

Block them after a day or two, so you know they read the message at least — also so you don't lose your cool and reply with something hateful.
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I made the item as “sold” by the “no show” user and gave the lowest rating along with a warning message for future sellers. I wonder if it gets posted on his profile. I blocked him right after.
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Letgo had this as an option and the results were incredibly frustrating. Low ballers were able to rate you if they simply asked if the item was available, then if you didn’t agree to their $2 offer they’d give you a negative review.
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I know this post was written in January, but it's nearly the end of July and it's still a problem. Had 2 no shows today and over 10 this past month.
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We definitely hear you on this feedback, @ZoeyL! Welcome to our community! 


We are working on a TON of cool features behind the scenes Smiley Happy Stay tuned!

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That is quite a bit of no-shows in a short time frame 😕
Were there confirmations made the day prior to the transaction meet-up times?
Or... communication the day of, the transactions, until the meet-up time?
Trying to understand your situation... haven't encountered this.
Hope gets better for you 👍☺