Unable to rate someone who is a no-show

I’d like a BLOCK feature. That would be really helpful. I don’t want to deal with these dimwits more than once.
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Yes, I normally confirm a place and time. Then I verify the night before and again 1 hour before. I'm moving out, which is why I'm selling so many things. But what I don't sell I'll donate anyway. It's just frustrating when someone stands you up after all they say.
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There is an option to Block/Report a user for this inconsiderate, but rather common behavior... 😕
Go to their profile and tap flag at top right corner.

Hopefully, this aspect of the online marketplace experience will not deter you from your continued participation with OfferUp!
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@ksatasara Thank you!
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Sorry about all the no-shows. I feel your pain. What I've started doing if I have to go out of my way to meet someone is exchange phone numbers with them. I know OfferUp frowns on this but since there's no way to rate a no-show I've resorted to this out of frustration. And you know what? People who are serious about meeting have no problem giving out their phone number. As a result, no-shows are way down for me. In fact, I've never had anyone stand me up who has given me their phone number.


OfferUp discourages giving out personal info like phone numbers out of privacy concerns but, truth be told, you can get a lot more info from someone's car license plate number than you can their phone number. And we all see each other's licence plate numbers when we meet.

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Anytime... @ItIsCHRISTINE! 😊
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AGREED!! Also there is the seller who lists an item, agrees on a price, has extensive conversation about the item with the buyer and agrees to the time and place to meet the buyer (in my instance it was 2 days before the seller could meet with me but she had a total of 9 - '5 star' reviews so I trusted her )...so the buyer re-arranges their schedule and gets a sitter for kids etc...and then to even cause further issues the buyer lets other sellers know that they've found another item with a seller that agreed on a price and set a time to meet-so you thank them and pass up their item (since you've put all that into place with the other seller who's going to meet you) BUT the day to meet that seller comes and BAM! The seller that agreed to sell it and meet you and agreed to a price and made you wait until IT WAS CONVENIENT FOR THEM TO MEET YOU (2 DAYS in this case) just DISSAPEARS ! DOESN'T answer their message when you're in the car ready to leave and you try to confirm they are on their way. BUT NOTHING. THEY ARE JUST NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. You've waited, rearranged your schedule to fit the time they could meet, hired a sitter etc...and the seller just dissappears. The meeting time has come and gone and you sit by your phone making sure you're getting all your notifications... you check your volume and recheck it ...you think you're losing your mind because after all... no one with 9 positive,
'5 STAR Offer up reviews' WOULD EVER DO THAT... RIGHT?? But yet you're sitting there wondering why and how this is happening. You feel so completely stupid for trusting a person that by all accounts, was to be trusted according to the 'OFFER UP REVIEW PROCESS'. So then after waiting for over an hour for a response, you go back in the house, cancel the sitter, pay the sitter, check your phone again, THEN FINALLY 4 hours later....the seller messages back hours after you were suppose to meet and then tells you (as if it's no big deal) that they decided not to sell & they're sorry but they just decided it (yet oddly, you see the item is still listed) - So at this point you're pretty much guessing that what the seller decided to do was to hold out for more money and they don't want to follow through with your agreed deal because they feel they can get more money? Not sure.

Wow... How anyone can justify that is beyond me. It just goes to show you that we need a more specific rating scale about the ENTIRE PROCESS ...that's rated from the moment you both AGREE to a DEAL with a PRICE, a TIME and a PLACE ... That way, if one of the parties drags you down a garden path of BULLSH*T....we have a recourse. IMHO. Alot of waisted effort, time, money for a sitter that you never used in some cases, waiting for 2 days when you could have continued looking for another item...etc...just a domino effect of disappointment all around. People need to be accountable. Bottom Line.
Yes, this experience just happened to me TODAY. Smiley Sad
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I do agree there should be an opportunity to rate people especially when they are not showing up. I've had 7 lately who send me messages, I respond right away, they agree to buy (even as me to come down on the price), so I do. The the person says I'm on my way. I say send me a message when you're at the location. The person either continues to respond & then doesn't show up, or I've had a few saying "I'm here" but turned out they weren't. You're not alone. Many of us have faced similar situations or at least along the same lines. Thanks for sharing!!
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I would say I drove halfway to meet you & you didn't show up. It would be great to let me/people know if you change your mind so time & gas aren't wasted; then we can both move forward.