Unable to rate someone who is a no-show

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@stacee293--Sometimes you have new members that join the forum that have the exact same or similar concerns or issues as other members. Thank you!!
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Yes Smiley Happy ...and this particular issue is a big one. I hope that it does get solved for the sake of the entire community. There's a lot of really great people out there that don't deserve what happens to them. It brings a lot of distrust and loss of hope for what is otherwise a REALLY GREAT APP WITH WELL MEANING, HARD WORKING MEMBERS! 😊
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@stacee293--I totally agree with you. I'm a member just like you & all I can do is give advice, share my thoughts and ideas, & help the person who's having an issue or concern to report it to customer service for additional support. Thank you!!

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It is very nice that you are so supportive and committed. ..I see you're a level 10 😃 Thank you for all of your input and support...YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE GREAT MEMBERS I WAS REFERRING TO IN MY LAST POST ! You are a big part of what makes Offer up great! 💜😊😊😊
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@stacee293--Thank you so much for your time and positive words!! I really appreciate it!! Many of us in the OfferUp Community Forum have experienced the same or similar situations. Although some of our situations may be negative, I try to look on the bright side of things with the understanding that not every buyer has the same ability to be open & honest when they have a change of heart, & therefore many of us tend to become upset or discouraged (which is unfortunate). Hopefully, with time & expience, the selling/buying process will improve. Thank you again!!
I know this in an old thread, and you've probably gotten plenty of suggestions... But, as my belated 2 cents, to expand on the way OfferUp already works (how it sorta pops into the convo with suggestions... ie: "pick a time") What if there was a pop-in after a few back-and-forth messages that asks "Did you schedule a meet?" And if they both click yes, then 48hrs later it asks you to rate the meet, with options of no show, late, poor communication, item not as described, etc. And then of course inform all offerup users not to go to any meetups without both people clicking yes, to minimize loopholes for people avoiding bad ratings.

Also, as a sidenote; to allow more than one opportunity to rate. For example in the above scenario the meetup was scheduled a week outb so they wouldnt be able to rate yet. But also, this has happened to me- where I was asked to rate a buyer and I exited out of it, thinking I could just do it later.. Which I learned I can't.

One more suggestion on another topic- is that with the shipping now, I have heard of some buyers trying to cancel the order in that window of time: after the seller dropped it off and before its in the system as "shipped" in order to scam sellers... I feel like a good solution to that would be to not refund a buyers money until the seller confirms they have their item still or back in their possession.

Anyway- hopefully this will still get read even though this post was a year ago!

Thanks for reading my thoughts and being so open to users input!
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That is an interesting suggestion regarding flakers.

Setting a meeting that far out (one week) is bound to fail though. I don't know where I'll be in a week let alone the next day. Family emergencies, found a better deal etc.

Also the way it works currently, both users have to rate each other in order for it to show on their profiles.

So the other person could just be like naw and move on.

If we took that away, people would be rating others for petty reasons.

While OfferUp could investigate these types of false ratings, it seems like another thing they would have to worry about.

The shipping feature appears to be priority since it began.

You have cool ideas I'm sure staff / devs would agree are worth considering and maybe tweaking a little to make it fair and hopefully troll proof.

"where I was asked to rate a buyer and I exited out of it, thinking I could just do it later.. Which I learned I can't."

Really? I recall that I was be able to do this or the app would remind me to do it.
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What OfferUp could really add is what the original post suggests (and everyone else).... which is the option to rate the no-show party with fewer ⭐s. The On Time count can be misleading. For example, I'm always on time, but my count shows much lower than my other counts because I ship a lot of products and On Time is not shown to buyers for shipped items (another flaw in my opinion).

I know you can report someone for not showing up, but I feel not much is being done about that. Also, what OfferUp does with those reports is not visible to the world. So the offenders go unpunished and continue to repeat their no-shows to other users. This just ruins the whole OfferUp experience. Not sure why it is so hard to just allow to rate the user with Stars. The only way they will change if their behavior is reflected in their overall Stars. That's what most people go by.
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Why is there no solution to this? It’s frustrating because about 30-40% of buyers I make deals with are no shows who often just ghost and stop replying as well. Sometimes they no show after you drive 20-30 minutes to a meetup spot, communicating all the way to the point when they decide to **bleep** you. You end up losing out on gas or whatever. Sometimes you lose out on sales because you are holding an item and turn away other potential buyers who find another similar item in the meantime. Such a waste.
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A Solution to what... ?
No shows? Never going to happen!
Wish could the panacea, however, this is on the wishlist of a plethora of users who buy/sell on ANY site!
Appreciate your feedback!
Be sure to take a look around the forum for great tips on how like-minded users, handle no-shows!
Ciao´ for now & GLTU! Smiley Happy