Using the "Sold" option when saving items for pending pickups or sale

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Cant count the numerous times inquiring about items for sale,oreven items for free,where the reply has been "sorry,pending pickup,or sorry waiting for somebody to pick it up".Theres no need to waste your time or others people time,when all that has to be done is use the sold option.If reposting an ad because it doesnt work out is an inconvenience then maybe folks shouldnt post at all,since they dont see any inconvenience in others getting a dead end reply of "pending pickup",or im "saving it for somebody" compared to just using the sold option.No stars,points or bonus brownies should be given to anybody with such inconsideration for others.
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You have to wait until that buyer purchased so that they can be rated. It doesn't work that way.
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Thats a big grey area Gypsy",theres folks holding onto items over a wk at a time,and when an buyer continues to inquire the reply is the same,that they are saving it for somebody to pickup..Thats not how it should work at all,and other OfferUp membersshould be able to rate a sellers practices to deter such practices that are an inconvenience to others
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Not many sellers hold items for over a week for pickup. It is more than likely pickup is within a day or maybe even two. My advice, spend more time on OU than you may now and snag the deals faster. It may just solve your issue. It is highly unlikely that sellers will turn away a buyer who can pickup the item immediately unless there are other circumstances, like a buyer is picking up multiple items. Don't get discouraged, just be ready to offer to pay asking or closer to it and pickup within a few hours, sellers just want to sell, not hold items. Are you by chance inquiring about "free" items? If that's the case, you almost will NEVER BE FAST ENOUGH. They are claimed in seconds.
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Im not sure where you get the "concrete logic" that not many folks hold items for people for a week or more.In last 4wks alone,theres been 3.As for spending more time on OfferUp,many of us have hectic jobs that wont allow that.I really wouldnt want this to turn into an ebay regime,whereas the benifit of doubt is always giving to the sellers.There should be accountability measures in place of which allows for "observation of sellers/buyers practices"reviews.
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So sellers should be penalized because you have a job that doesn't allow you to find deals on offer up?
Okaaaaay. The item isn't sold until it's sold.
Sellers have everything right to hold items (or make excuses when they aren't comfortable with a buyer or their feedback) just move on to the next. We can respectfully disagree.
I also tell people that a item is pending pickup because that's exactly what it is. I work with first come first serve bases but if the item is not picked up in 24 hours it goes to the next person and if that person doesn't pick up it goes in to the next person, so I don't think sellers are holding it for one person for a week, some of us just go in order of who asked first and who will eventually pick up. I'm not going to waist time marking sold for the same item over and over if the three or so people in line don't pick up...@NavyGuy I don't just put someone ahead of other that have asked just because they feel like I should.
Opps I posted that twice sorry 😳
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