Using the "Sold" option when saving items for pending pickups or sale

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Sellers methods of selling,such as taking orders or wait lists of people whom they are holding the item for shouldnt become a norm" for the selling practices of an site.Remove the ad,and repost if needed.If thats too aggressive recommendation,then pretty much theres not going to be much progress for the site,and will become an C-list clone.
Its common seller etiquette and has been that way for years. Offerup is a free site that doesn't charge listing fees and in no way compairs to Ebays corporate corruption, the reason why Offerup has grown and is growing..
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Common "etiquette" of the majority doesnt make it right,but that goes back to "malignent normality,and is surely not the reason OU is growing.
@NavyGuy have a great day. Sorry you're having trouble with items you're interested in
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Stepping in again... 


Items should only be marked as sold once the item has been been handed over/shipped over, from seller to the buyer. That has been the flow since probably day 1 on OfferUp. 

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Have a great day too.But in reality,if an site was Named "Hold until Sold",it wouldnt have much progress.
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It would be really nice to have another status besides sold. A ‘claimed’ or ‘pending’ or ‘Sale in progress’ status that can let more offers come in and build a queue for your item, but tell potential buyers in advance that someone may be buying it already, would be so helpful! It sucks to tell people an item is already claimed, especially if the item is great and in high demand. OfferUp, please add another status besides sold!
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In total agreement with you!
Currently having to mark SOLD items as:
{SOLD PENDING} ( In Title description) until meet-up.
Appreciate you bringing this feature request back to light!
Much success to you with OU.
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I think you're being a bit ridiculous. The seller is being curtious to the potential buyer and to you for even responding. The item isn't sold yet which is why it's not marked as "sold". I bet 1 out of 10 "I'll come pick it up" actually happens on this app so no marking "sold" just because someone verbally agrees to buy it makes no sense.