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Hey guys,

I know we all have our moments on here where we deal with extremely frustrating situations with both buyers and sellers. Sometimes making us wanna throw our phones against the wall and scream...or worse, ring the buyer or sellers neck. People on this app can definitely take you there. So on this post I'd like to share some of my biggest pet peeves on here that absolutely grinds my gears...probably yours too.


If an item says FIRM, then that's what it means! I HATE it when buyers STILL wanna message you and ask "what's your lowest?" After clearly seeing the item marked as FIRM. Know what I reply with? "WHAT'S YOUR HIGHEST?!" Then they don't reply. Idiots.


So after a few exchanges of messages with a buyer, you two agree to a deal, as well as a meet up time and place. Yet when that time comes, these jokers vanish like Batman when you turn around. It's beyond annoying and frustrating. Especially if you gave the buyer an address or location to meet you. Now you gotta worry about some goof stalking you. All flakes should be banned after not showing up or disappearing. Period.


If you don't have any money, then don't make offers!!!!!!!! Do NOT inbox a seller with a cash offer, then say "can you hold em for me till next Friday when I get paid?" Ain't no layaway bruh! First come first serve! And the little spoiled punks who act like they're entitled to your best stuff for little to nothing. Had a buyer try to guilt trip me about his account is over drafted, and to hook him up. I'm like fam your money problems isn't my problem. and if you're down to your last dollar, then whyyyyyy are you on here trying to buy sneakers??? 🤔 get ya priorities in order first. Then get fresh. Smh


oh some of these guys on here will come in your inbox and threaten you, call you all types of names, disrespect your mother, family, threaten to rob you, attack you, even kill you. All because you won't give them their way or drop your price to accommodate their broke *as. Lot of these buyers who talk crazy to you in DMs are straight cowards in person. But its easy to talk tough from a safe place though. Lames


This is self explanatory. We all know about these clowns who think everything is supposed to go for the low. But you go on their page and they want top dollar for their stuff. Then have the nerve to put "firm" or "no low balls" on their description. Like ain't that about the nerve, the audacity....😂

So those are 5 of my biggest pet peeves on here (that felt good to get all that off my chest lol)

What are some of YOUR pet peeves on Offer Up?
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Agree with a lot on here.

Although, I do have some feedback /advice towards specific parts.

¹"If an item says FIRM, then that's what it means"

There are exceptions to this rule.

Such as an item being up for quite a while.

Just politely decline if it's not the price you're after.

Replying back with "WHAT'S YOUR HIGHEST?!" just seems unnecessary and counterproductive.

Just spells trouble.

At least in my case, saying 'sorry man, but X is what I'm currently accepting' usually brings them back around a week later.

²"All flakes should be banned after not showing up or disappearing. Period."

There are multiple threads about this and how they should be handled.

Sure a temporary ban should work.

Although, OfferUp would need more staff to verify what qualifies.

Like say, a user replying back a couple minutes later with an excuse.

To staff would that be a banable offense or a warning. Who knows.

The bigger issue that seems to repeat itself is people are mad that they drove far to a meet up at a location. This is a big no no.

³Do NOT inbox a seller with a cash offer, then say "can you hold em for me till next Friday when I get paid?"

If buyers don't mention their intention in the first or second message I agree.

Otherwise I see no prob with it.

I've held items and users have held items for me without issue.


I honestly feel this has a lot to do with how you reply back.

Obviously two hot heads arguing tends to end bad.

Can't stress enough the importance of remaining calm and collected.

When someone is out there trying to start something over literally nothing, keep your cool — block / report if you feel yourself getting upset and ready to reply back in kind. You have that choice.
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Great insight Goblin. I respect your views like always but I respectfully totally disagree with some of them...

When a price is FIRM, then there are NO exceptions! Do you go into a mall store and low ball them? NO. You either BUY or LEAVE. No questions asked. But on here people don't respect anyones "hustle" or "business" because they already look down on you for selling stuff online for a living. That's why they low ball you because they assume youre desperate or some loser who has no "real job" as a lot of these haters say.

And if the item been up for a while who cares? That doesn't mean the price goes down. It means nobody came correct on their offer and the seller rather keep it until the right buyer comes than low ball him or herself.

Asking what's your highest has actually worked a few times IF the buyer is serious. So, if you wanna low ball me I'm gonna HIGH ball YOU lol and theres no trouble. But Im quick to put a buyer in their place POLITELY.

This is OfferUp. NOT Value City furniture. Aint no "holds" or layaway. Plus, layaway requires a deposit correct? Im sure these guys who asked you to "hold" something didnt pay you ONE red cent did they? I'll answer that for you: NOPE. Again, this is BUSINESS. First come first serve. If a buyer says he doesnt have any money till next week, then 5 minutes later another buyer offers to buy for proper amount, youre gonna turn that buyer down for a empty promise? Good luck with that. Lol

As for "reply back" I'm always kind and fair and reasonable. But I'm not gonna be disrespected either. Nor do I argue. or go back and forth. The price is the price. Either buy or beat it. Aint nothing else to talk about. Business 101.

As for driving far to meet up? I feel you. but most of these buyers have no car, or they want you to meet them half way somewhere out the way. Which is why I dont drop my prices to their standards because I'm the one taking a L. Gas aint free or cheap. But these brats on here clearly think otherwise. And not everyone wants to deal with the hassle of shipping and waiting days or weeks to get paid.

And I'm always calm bro. This post is about our pet peeves. Not how to tolerate BS. Lol already wrote a piece on that lol Didnt know I would be judged or critiqued for this piece lol

But Id love to hear others pet peeves on here? Not a debate on how I should handle a
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That last section really stuck with me.

I'd like to expand on what helped me.

— Reading back old cringy messages from Craigslist —

'FU man, you disrespected me, let's meet up $@&#$ I'll beat your @$$'

'You don't know who I am don't talk to me like that $@&$#'

You eventually tell yourself, man I could have handled that a lot better.

Why did I even reply back to that person? Lol

A waste of emotional and mental energy has been wasted on someone else who has poor communication skills (much like myself at the time)

You gain nothing of value and walk away angry and sometimes that anger may inadvertently affect someome you love.

Remind yourself that replying back isn't really that important or worth it.

Try and be a bit more of a pacifist.

Repeat your thoughts aloud if you want to hear how ridiculous you sound and laugh about it.


Noticed you replied back as I typed this.

I'll read it over during break.


Didn't mean to come off as an arm chair psychologist.

Just giving an alternative view on how I would handle a certain situation.

But yes, I would also like to hear other pet peeves as mine were the same as yours just 2° the opposite direction.
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🤣 now its me dying to say "lets meet up, I will beat you"
Good advice though

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Correction...OfferUp was manifested from "OFFERING UP" unwanted/crap/stuff for sale, so "Valley City Furniture" is more appropriate. The origin of the name "OfferUp" has no correlation to the price or dollar amount.


You cannot expect everyone to respect you on a FREE to use app. It is just not realistic. It is just like driving in traffic. Some people are respectful and considerate, while others will speed,cut into lanes,etc...Even when their lives are at stake.

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You do such good job at summarizing our grievances DoPeKiCkS216 it's a bit difficult to come up with more. Hehe
Level 8 STILL not providing any pet peeves of your own lol YES youre STILL trying to correct me lol so since you swear youre such a better seller than me i will play along...(sike)


Ain't no Awards, nor a paycheck or payoff for being a "pacifier" my man. You seem to enjoy justifying nonsense than being rational. You can continue going back and forth with them broke boys and schemers if you want to, I'll stick to dealing with serious buyers lol

Its called law of averages. If 7 out of 10 people low ball you what do you do?

Only sell to that 3. Out of that 3, one of them will come correct.

Learned this in business school. But what do I know right? Lol

As for all that back and forth you talking about, that's YOUR assumption LOL

I DONT at least not with time wasters or low ballers.

Just that good ol' Dikembe Mutumbo button 😊
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Gypsy want all the smoke!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
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I’m all about giving low offers, firm on price usually can be negotiated. Especially as @goblin said if the item has been up for a month it definitely doesn’t hurt to offer less money.

I’m a buyer and don’t deal with the disappearing acts, but that would annoy me.

If you don’t have the cash, you shouldn’t ask! Although I’m not a seller, if another buyer comes along to purchase, let them purchase!

Don’t even reply to the keyboard gangster it’s just feeding them.

If you can’t deal with lowballing, then block the member. This app is called offer up, expect some offers.