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I would appreciate a seperate seller/buyer forum category. And a subset of shipping questions only. I also wish to be shown only in shipping search category, as I list 9/10 items as SHIPPING Only. I dont need to explain continously to buyers 20 mins away why i wont schedule a meetup halfway, 3 days from now for a $25 item that can easily be shipped. It is how I prefer to do business. If they dont want shipping, they wont see my items. Im ok with this.
I have made 2 exceptions for local buyers this weekend after they assured me they would pickup. Both no shows. It is a waste of both of our time.
I dont care who disagrees, I work hard to pack and ship items like a high end store and i ship same day. I think a division is what this app needs

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TruYou offers no real safety in the fact that anyone can be verified to be who they say they are and still be a creep or even a scammer! So to tell me that because I don't choose to join that I'm somehow lower than you is preposterous. 

Where do I even suggest the above statement? I merely stated OU's marketing angle with "TruYou" and "TRUST AND SAFETY" and what  @BrysonK meant . Nowhere do I agree with OU's motto, nor am I TruYou verified. I even state that it is "misleading" (even in ALL Of my previous posts regards TruYou).  


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@RevivalGypsy  There's nothing wrong with anything you just said. I've read posts from you in the past and most always agree. I like how you do business. But it is possible to separation within and still have unity overall!

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@factsdontcare I actually was not referring to you in that statement and should have clarified that. My apologies! I did read that you are not a TruYou partaker probably for some of the same reasons as myself. You are one of the authors in this forum that I follow diligently. Not always agreeing but most of the time. In no way trying to pick a fight but merely clarifying my position.

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Unity is awesome here on the forum, but not a soul cares what another seller does or if they ship, are truYou, verified, etc. Cant say I have ever once looked at any other sellers credentials unless I was viewing them as a BUYER. Just my honest view. I am sorry if i am misunderstanding the point of your use of the word "unity", I may be a little more hardened than some, I guess. I am not here to make friends, although I truly have with my regular buyers, but only because we have contact a few times a week.
I hope I dont come off as mean, i am not, but this is business. If youre buying we are best buddies, if youre not, we're not.
This is a selling app. No more than that.

This is just a forum. A real community does NOT constantly emphasize anonymity (no exchange of private/persoanl info) at at levels of interaction.


I post on the forum "in paying it forward" to those that have questions. I answer these questions thoroughly, in the event that I might require assistance or get some insight.


I mention "shipping" often (btw, I don't sell on OU) because all the provided info is lacking. Preivous to my postings for the actual SHIPPING SUPPORT link, it was NOWHERE to be found on the forum. I FINALLY got the answer about who pays for return shipping on Buyer Protection Claims, by asking the question (again...this info. is NOWHERE on OU's TOS). There are still many unanswered inquiries in regards to the whole logistics debacle.

@RevivalGypsy wrote:
I would appreciate a seperate seller/buyer forum category. And a subset of shipping questions only. 

@RevivalGypsy  I made a similar suggestion on the Community Forums Content thread,  but YOU tagging @Mj_206  might have more of an impact.

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@factsdontcare @RevivalGypsy I think this entire discussion got out of hand. I'll take the bulk of the blame for that. Like you RevivalGypsy I am not usually user friendly. My participation in the the forum is a promise to my wife to be nicer in my old age. You both are amongst the more knowledgeable shippers in here. Shipping on line is something I know nothing about, but soon I plan to change that.

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Appreciate feedback!
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And to each his own regarding the choice to be TruYou verified
To ship or not to ship.
Isn't Freedom Great!