Verified Members Club!

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I would like some feedback from the community on the idea of a 'Verified Members Club'. Basically a very small reward for taking the extra steps to help ensure eachothers safety! Maybe separate search lists or different features? Lets get a petition going!!
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@BrysonK when you say a very small reward for insuring each others safety, what exactly do you mean? You see there's a large group of us that take yours and all the other community members safety quite seriously! Now I'm in California, making someone's safety who resides in Florida physically an insurmountable task. So we are devoted to keeping safety in the forefront throughout the forums via, tips from police detectives, various posts to remind everyone the dangers that can be encountered when one ventures away from the OU guidelines, to even sharing bad experiences had by some unfortunate members willing to share their bad experiences in order to educate the other members and thus helping them avoid the horrors that they have lived through.

Another problem I see is the word club. This is a family and by creating a club within the family you single out certain individuals to be elevated above others. Instead of a Verified Members Club, why not create a safety program that benefit's the entire family!

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Suggestions are always welcome on the forum, and he CM, @Mj_206, is ALWAYS searching for ways to improve the Community!
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@BrysonK--Hello & welcome!! Continue to share your thoughts, ideas & experiences throughout the different forums!! Welcome!!

I am pretty sure that @BrysonK  meant a  "TruYou Verified" users club. It was just a suggestion and in no way different than the "commune" idea (basically, a club for the regulars on the this forum), but just with a bigger group of users.


I think @Woodguychris  took the word "safety" out of context, since OU markets TruYou with the "TRUST & SAFETY" motto (which IMO is rather misleading, as  having the TruYou badge  is just a passive deterrent and not a background check).


Personally, I am not TruYou verified, but @BrysonK  has the right idea, as OfferUP would benefit from more users getting TruYou verified.

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Personally, when I first began buying/selling on offerUp, I chose not to be TruYou verified as well. @factsdontcare
Until recently...
I joined TruYou and am happy I FINALLY did! Something about displaying the badge attracts better, more respectful users.
Maybe it's just me...
Are you TruYou @RevivalGypsy?
I have a number of products for sale and none have sold yet!!!
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@REMEMBRANCE yes, but I dont put Any stock in this.
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@REMEMBRANCE--Yes, it doesn't have any baring on my sales. Currently I sell locally.
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@factsdontcare maybe if you read the post the way I read the post literally, you might get a different perspective, instead of commenting on what you think she meant to say. When I read about separate search lists and special features I see suggestions that cry separatism not unity. TruYou offers no real safety in the fact that anyone can be verified to be who they say they are and still be a creep or even a scammer! So to tell me that because I don't choose to join that I'm somehow lower than you is preposterous. Before I wrote this I did an informal survey of my feed in which I randomly checked profiles of 300 different sellers and less than 10 percent were TruYou verified! I here you make comments about separation of shippers and non shippers and in some aspects thats fine but not as a whole. The minute you reward those that do and penalize those that don't you destroy the very fabric that makes this a community. What I tried to convey in what I wrote was looking at it as a whole community not as an individual. Now I'm not perfect in any shape or form and if I did take something out of context then forgive me I'll stand corrected, I'm a big man I can handle it. But don't publicly chastise me unless you first now what your talking about! Good day sir!!