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I get so many "Is this item still available" messages daily with no response back. I can't figure out why people are even asking and then not responding back. I'm so thankful for auto response text. I know the built in asking options are nice for buyers but I wish they would get rid of that I think it would cut down the people who are not serious buyers.
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What gets me is the sellers who dont . you message over and over. There profile says they respond in a few minutes. Yet days go by, Im trying to buy an item now I need for work, first guy sold it to some one else while zI was making the 2 hour drive to go get it and never said anything. Someone else has the same item at a much higher price, but wont respond. Im going to end up buying the item I need thats not the one I want for the same price, and then when I sell it after using it once Ill be lucky to get half what I paid. There needs to be a way to contact sellers who have stuff posted or remove items that have sold or time out le after 45 days.

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I so agree with you. I have items listed way below market value. And I constantly get messages asking if I will take pennies on the dollar of that price and then ...Oh can you deliver or install for the same price. My favorite is the buyers that think you dont know, but there from mexico and want to know if they can have your address to mail you a check ( if I want to get robbed), or if there drivers can pick up the item and after tbey get it they will mail me a money order. LOL.

I recently joined and I can not tell you the countless times my inquiries have been ignored by sellers. Just this morning at 6:30am I found a furniture piece I wanted to purchase and sent the seller an offer to purchase at full price, I also told her I was able to pickup this morning. I've been waiting for her to respond all morning, but just now got the notification that she sold the items to someone else. I've spent way too much of my valuable time and effort on this app, but it's just not worth it when you're dealing with unreliable sellers. I'm strongly considering deleting this app because of the poor engagement and unreliability of the sellers on here.
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Writing down @AshleeTigruss advise.... "murder them with kindness.."