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Yes people please respond to potential buyers. I can’t stand it when I’m ignored. If the item has been sold please just say so.
I get ignored quite often, I don’t know why, so I ask my husband to make contact with the seller and he gets a response and courtesy, I don’t . So I buy by proxy whenever I have to . It’s a shame though .
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Very good points! If every1 wld just exercise common courtesy...on both ends, things just might go smoother. For example, potential buyers could initiate their offer(if its lower than whats asked for)by simply defusing the situation by their courteous language/greeting. I personally reach out and say, Hi, i understand you are asking $40, but with all due respect, wld u accept my offer of say, 35? It has worked for me many times!😉 Thanks 4reading and good luck 2ALL!
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That just happened to me. What idiot ignores a genuine sale?!? I looked a pair of sneakers and messaged the seller what gender were the sneakers and if they were for men I'll buy. It took him a day to respond. His excuse was that people flake but I told him that I'll buy. I offered full price on the offer button (plus shipping). That was 2 hours ago. He still didn't answer me and didn't accept the offer. I messaged to him that he was being rude and difficult and that I'm reporting him (yes I reported him and blocked him from my page). Do NOT buy anything from anyone who has a low reply rate. Like sellers move fast, so do the potential buyers (the good ones)! @GirlieBoo @Hotrod