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I want to know why it is so difficult for sellers to respond. You message them stating interest, they see your message and never say anything. That will drive away a lot of potential buyers.

Me as a buyer:: that tells me you are A.) Not serious about the item you are selling, B.) Item is gone, C.) You are not someone worthy of doing business with.
A real easy solution. Message the interested party back. If someone else is already coming for the item, let the other parties know. Be polite and respond.

I know, sometimes we all get a little busy and can't reply right away. But reply when you can.

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@dae1 The OfferUp team are aware of this issue, It's affected a small portion of users that have a large number of items. a current workaround is to manage your items via the OfferUp website
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We had this conversation before.

Someone asked if they should ignore buyers, to which basically everyone responded with 'please don't ignore people it's not cool, politely give them a reason' doesn't matter what they offer.

The sad thing is we can't do anything about it, except maybe push OfferUp to offer etiquette suggestions in app in a way that will get people to read them.

Please respond to everyone, being one of them.
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@lonewolfrissy I totally agree with you, and feel your frustration I’ve also experienced this myself. It’s just common courtesy to respond to buyers messages, sometimes sellers hold back responding before answering people’s messages because of other offers. this kind of behavior isn’t the way to develop great reputations with OfferUp buyers. if there items are sold they definitely need to archive sold items so buyers don’t waste their time looking/responding for no reason. I’ve responded to other members in threads about this issue in the past, but I definitely appreciate you giving me a chance to address your questions again. thank you for showing your frustration about this issue, so other members can give their opinions on issues that affect all of us on the app. I would recommend first checking the person profile page information to see what their responding time is, until OfferUp releases new features to address this issue, if they don’t respond after the second message with this (?) I would recommend reporting/blocking so other members in the same situation don’t have the same experience you did. the sellers definitely get your notifications $$, and if they are ignoring your messages you probably don’t want to do business with this person anyways. but this is just my opinion lol. thank again for sharing. 😊
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I always respond until the item leaves my hands because of so many people who do no shows. First come first serve in the money business. But always make sure to be honest and nice about it. Kill them with kindness. Hate gets you know no where!

I agree.

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@AshleeTigruss I absolutely agree Smiley Happy

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This app has a huge problem with messages not being posted in real time, for the last few weeks I won't see any messages at all, ( I check it every 15 minutes) then 5 or 6 come through at once with 3 showing times as far back as 4 hours ago, 2 will show 2 hours ago , 1 says 1 hour ago and the last one says 10 minutes or just now.

So before buyers start thinking that sellers are not responding you'd better wait at least 4 hours before you draw any conclusions. I have lost more sales this week than id like to even think.about.
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Offerup has been having issues for weeks with seller's getting messages on the app.  I have not been getting mine on the app.  But i am receiving them on the computer.

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I can't even reply to messages I just get a blank page with "report" written in the middle when I try.  What the heck?   I can't get back to buyers and it is very frustrating.  If you are Cesar I am trying to get back to you! (on the beautiful couch)

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@dae1 The OfferUp team are aware of this issue, It's affected a small portion of users that have a large number of items. a current workaround is to manage your items via the OfferUp website