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Texts that come in at 1:00 or 2:00 am are most often people sitting I'm bars. When you reply at 7:30 or 8:00 a.m. they won't answer. A total waste of time.
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I am not a scammer, but with the amount of fraud out there I give as little personal info as possibe.  For, example I only list my e-mail in my profile.  There is no need to give out my address, phone number and picture.  I can live with people not responding to my offer because of that.

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@docsgirlThanks so much I didn't know that was an option. I'm new and I really appreciate the feedback. Actually I just explained that I don't sell to buyers with a blank profile. Afterward I thought am I overly paranoid ? Well about an hour after I have the buyer that info. A random buyer with an established profile in my area sent a message asking if he could pick them up. I figured he may be a friend of the other buyer. Glad to report it worked out just fine extremely nice people. I'm still cautious but will keep an open mind. Maybe not all blank profiles are scammers ? Thanks again.


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HI, newbie here. I have sold a few items online thus far, but I could not tell you enough how many "Lookie Lous" and trolls are out there. The latter has wasted my time peppering me with questions (which I answered) only to pull a no show later. I advocate politeness in dealing with potential buyers, but i have gotten burnt with these trolls playing head games and wasting my time. I tell you once you cross over to the other side and try selling things online you will see for yourself that there are many trolls out there. The sellers that ignore chat messages of buyers interested in buying may be taking a tough, no nonsense stance in there approach with buyers to make sure they are legit or they just might be an unmotivated seller who is not really putting in a good effort thus
wasting other people's time. It could also be a fake ad put up by trolls to mess around with people. I wish there was a way to ban these idiot trolls from the site, but I guess we are stuck for now.

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Why not just meet at a nearby Starbucks etc.

You're right, I would personally be reluctant to contact someone via e-mail.

It's an additional unnecessary step.
Agree... happens all the time to me. It's horrible.
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I totally agree with your statements as a buyer. On the flip side as a seller I also have had similar experiences in that I receive a lot of messages, agreements to buy, agree to meet, "I'm on the way" & they stop communication. Whether a buyer or seller it's important to follow through. I really appreciate your post!! Thanks for sharing!!
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I never give out my email address when asked. That's a "no no!" They also give out their email address. I politely reply that I only do business transactions via OfferUp so let's keep everything in house where it's simple. Also I refuse to be scammed.

I use to give my phone number to only what could be potentially serious buyers, but after one bad experience (a teen who kept face-timing me, was very indecisive about the deal, and requested that I deliver my item to the Bronx when my ad clearly states that I'm only traveling to Manhattan and Queens), I no longer give out my phone number. I don't like talking on the phone and I don't like FaceTime so that's part of the reason why. I advise to keep everything in-house to avoid extra unnecessary back and forth and to curve potential scammers that can happen when someone has your phone number.
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@XJeff083--Thank you for the great advice & insight!! I've also had many great experiences, but I've also had experiences where sometimes buyers want your phone number, address, etc., & you can never be too safe, but you can take proper safety measures. Thanks so much for sharing your tips & experience. Thanks!!
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I have experienced this problem to the extent of purchasing an item, meaning offering what their asking and paying shipping and yet I hear nothing from the seller. Eventually my offer expires. 

To sellers: if you don't really want to sell the item then don't post it. If you're not willing to ship the item then don't make shipping an option, have it local pick up only. And how hard is it to answer a question or just say "No" to an offer. 

I'd rather get a "no" than no response at all.

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Feed back seems to be a good thing but only those transactions that have been completed affect the feed back. If we as potential buyers and sellers could contribute to that feed back... 

Let's say if you make an actual offer  or you ask a question and you get no response then you can contribute to feed back with something like (ie: non-responsive) the fact that you have actually interacted with this buyer or seller (or tried to) gives you the right to leave feed back. However there has to be some attempt at communication for you to be able to leave feed back so that people can't just go around willy nilly leaving feed back for folks that they have never tried to buy from or sell to. 

This is just a suggestion. At the very least it would give people a chance to let others know what they've experienced and it might be incentive to folks to respond.