Viewed Messages, ignoring potential buyers

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If you scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE VERY BOTTOM, you will see a reply button.
Good luck
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Kill with kindness 😊 agree!! I even BLESS them, this world is chaotic as it is, we don't need more negativity happening, specially when we are all here for the same reason. #STAYBLESSED
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Smiley Happy I agree. 

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I had the same problem. I deleted and redownloaded the app numerous times with no results. I finally contacted customer support and the next day, it started working right again. They did something, what I don’t know!
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Hey @Cathye248 Welcome to the forum!

Sorry, I missed what you were having problems with but it is fixed now. So that is good news.

What brings you to offer up? The selling or the buying?


I usually will reply saying, I have had many inquiries but I am 1st come 1st serve so yes this is available. Even nice people will say they want something then ...ghost. If it's a rediculous lowball I say, No thank u! Some will reply saying well it's your loss...which I reply...thanks!
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I dont understsnd how i have gotten so msny views but no messages from buyers.
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I agree 566 viewed one item, no messages to me. Many fav’d this item. I have this item priced right. I don’t know. When I browse for it I could go through pages and pages and not find it.
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@MarryO, Welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing!

When you receive that many views and no offer then it is time to re-evaluate your ad.

Do you have clear pictures, Check your description, Are you sure about the pricing? Archiving and Posting a new ad might help. Valuable selling tips here



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Totally right on with all that you said!!👍