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Tell me what brings you to offerup?

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Thank you for the tips.
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One needs to be reasonable as to what time the buyer is messaging the seller. Not everyone stays up until midnite so keep that in mind as well as cell phones are not allowed in many work places when one is at work. If the buyer uses common sense as to when their messaging the seller then they might understand why the response time is not immediate.

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@Suny,  you can turn off the offerup notification in your phone setting. 

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Having same issue
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For myself the Seller. I constantly run into people saying they want to by my item I then reply regarding where to meet etc. Then I never hear another word. So I guess its frustrating for both Seller and Buyer. It takes two seconds to reply not interested any more, or whatever it might be. Communication is Key
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Im glad i saw this post...had never accessed this before.
I thought i was "tripping" because responses went from plentiful to barely there and couldnt see any reason for this...glad to know its not just me....but also pretty disconcerting re: app performance.
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