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@Crazychris  People give advice only to help. Doesn’t mean that advice will work for you. It only means it worked for them. I believe they were only trying to give you a different perspective but it’s up to you to do what’s right for you. I’m sorry you had a bad experience and I’m not giving advice, just another way of looking at things. In the end it’s your decision.

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I have had many items up and all have them reported as not allowed on offer, that I my item was reported, in a nutshell I believe it's competitor, a low baller, it should harder to get this done with out offer up checking it out personally, and if false ban the reporter.


Getting a post removed is rather arduous on OfferUp (this is why you see so many multiple/duplicate ads, intangible service related ads,etc.), unless they are on the top top 4 of the prohibited items. It's not a competitor (the reporting system is not like CL).


Perhaps, you should reveiw the items that are prohibited on OfferUp here .