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My names Topher. I’m 25 and live in Los Angeles. I just wanted to create a topic on the forums to bond sellers and buyers with common interests, wants, and finds. Basically everything and anything Vintage, retro, and just straight sick!

Anyways to start this topic off, my favorite things to collect are flannels and rock shirts.

Hopefully everyone can share their favorite items they look out for when browsing offer up, stores, thrifts, and boutiques.

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I'm always on the look out for art deco, art nouveau, and vintage brooches. I find some pretty amazing things art thrift store and garage & estate sales. It's like a treasure hunt and addictive. I put my brooches on cloth stretched over a frame and hang on the wall.
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@Tophlaroid What's your fav rock shirt? Smiley Happy Also, love flannels. 

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Currently, I’ve been interested in finding 90s rock/metal shirts such as Korn, Limp Bizkit, RATM, Primus, Alice In Chains and so on. I just found a Rage Against the Machine tour shirt from the 96’ Evil Empire your. I’ll definitely be wearing that one proudly.

I love any flannel I can get my hands on. Haha
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@Tophlaroid So cool!!

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Putting your vintage brooches on fabric/frame is a great idea. I've got some and think I may do this too. Thanks for the idea! L11