Wanted to say hello!

Hi folks, I’m in surprise and wanted to let people know I’m here. I am a professional pianist with degrees and lots of experience teaching and performing. Have had some very weird interactions with buyers on offerup but oh well. Hope to hear from you.
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Welcome to the Community!
Love to hear the Art of Music, is still actively being pursued!
However, per OU Community Guidelines, soliciting services is prohibited. =/
GLTU! Ciao´ for now...
Interestingly enough, offerup is filled with ads doing just that. Not sure what you have against services.
Also wanted to mention I have helped your website sell at least 6 Pianos over the past year, including full sized grands, so maybe you should reconsider your aversion to “services” as you put it. I’m not “soliciting” anything and have sold many household items.
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It's just that services cant be guaranteed to be not scams. I've seen many people get scammed by services on this site and other places because the people werent professional in what they were trying to do and just trying to get easy money. That is why Offerup doesnt allow services. Now if you had said that you sold pianos, that would have been a different case. But you seemed like you were advertising services on here.
I was mentioning who I am. I don’t sell pianos, I’ve helped my students buy them from your clients. You should pay me a finders fee lol. I obtain my students thru Facebook and referrals from my students.
Most of the people looking here are looking for free or nearly free anything and if anyone is in danger of being scammed, it’s me. I’m real and a real piano studio, degrees, etc. everything about me can be verified. My profile is fully authenticated easily.
Have a musical day!
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To reiterate...
This is "OfferUps´ Nationwide Forum" & Community Guidelines...
The TOS on the OU App are quite clear as well. As one respectful member to another, assisting you in keeping your account from getting banned is my only motive.
Btw: "I Love ALL Music"
Ciao´ for now Smiley Wink
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Unfortunately, me and @REMEMBRANCE dont work for Offerup, so we cant pay you a 'finders fee'.
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Lol... @aidenholley
Finders fee, hmm...
Hey... I would be content with a little
"Swag" my way! Ha!