Weak Profiles

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This is a current example: "Hi my name is Steve ,i am interested in buying .Will you accept a certified cashiers check and i'll wait till the check clears before i have it picked up by my movers??"
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and this guy joined just today!
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@EJMills513 You will definitely want to report anyone that says that. We always recommend using cash or OfferUp Payments if you're using our Shipping option.

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@EJMills513--Many people on Offer up are eager to buy & or sell their items & try to add to their profile by adding items to sell or trade. Then down the line may establish their email, phone number, photo to their account. There are many great people I've met along the way who may just have an email confirmation; doesn't define their character. It's important to look at buyers and sellers based on meeting them interacting, etc. I hope this helps!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!
@EJMills513 those people are total scammers I had one like that last week. Says they will mail a bank check plus add a extra 50.00 and they have their shipper pick up...scam!! Reported her