Weird Accusation- a FIRST for me!

I have 1930s Remington typewriter with original case and a broken carriage return strap asking $--, buyer offers $--, I counter $--. They then go on to say "but it's broke and I want to use it." and that it will cost over $200 to fix it. Then they tell me how they want to give it a good home, a warm home, a writer's home.  I say "That's wonderful, I will still take $--" they then say "I see you are a store and not an end to end seller. So all you care about is making a dime not where or who it goes to"....... WHAT? SMH just when I think I have heard it all.

Level 5
I once offered someone, who told me she was in need (and it appeared legit), free items, with the intention of meeting at a public location. She sounded ecstatic. When the day came around, I showed up, she didn't, I messaged her and did not recieve a response until hours later. In her response she accused me of planning to attempt to rob her family and a list of other vicious acts. It was very unusual. I wished her a nice day and decided to donate the items to charity, she proceeded to message me, harassing me for s few days, despite the fact that I did not respond. It was very utterly bizarre.

I have had responses similar to yours, as well. Some people are just unhappy when they can't get the price or specifics they want and they lash out. People can be very emotionally reactive to the slightest things.