Welcome OU Newbies!

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Hey how do you add people
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Welcome to the Community forum
You are able to join in any topic by tapping reply after each entry. Enter your comment, inquiry, etc, then tap post. GLTU! & Ciao´ for now.
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Glad you joined us!


Feel free to explore the numerous topics--to help with your success. GLTU! Ciao´ for now... Smiley Wink
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Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! Have a great time interacting with others and providing any feedback you have!!

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Glad you are here!


Join in anytime with helpful feedback or tips! Ciao´ for now...

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I’m a newbies! I used to be anyway. LOL! Welcome all.

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Lol @Jones68...
You are an oldbie, but goodie! Smiley Wink
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Welcome, Welcome!


Glad you stopped by...
Ciao´ for now! Smiley Wink
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Hello!! I am so excited to welcome you to the forums!! May you have positive and meaningful experiences!!