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@REMEMBRANCE--Thank you so much for your wonderful words!! You continue to inspire us all!! Thank you!! 😁😁
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I would like to welcome you to the forums!! Have an amazing time interacting & sharing your thoughts with us!! Welcome!!
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You are a pleasure to have in the Community as a comrade!
One of my many mottos:
"Aspire to Inspire" 😃😃
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@REMEMBRANCE--That's such a wonderful motto!! Thanks so much for sharing!! 😀🤗
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@Hi-there 😁😀
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Hi! I look for help! I recently started shoping at offer up and was charged for the item which was never sent to me or scaned. Seller protection does not help. What can I do to get my money back. Thanks a lot!

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@1Karen--Hello, you can reach out to customer service:

Tweet @OfferUpSupport


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Thanks for the links, but non of them let me contact to someone. Does the Help@offerup.com is legit email address to get support? First day several people get back, asking to provide transaction information, then nothing. Are these automanic messages. Have someone get support ever from offer up? Thanks!

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Hello & welcome to the newest members of the community forums!! I hope you have a chance to explore the forums, & feel free to ask/answer any questions. Also, as you communicate with different members, please include the @ symbol in front of their username. Thanks 😊

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Hello & welcome to the forums!! I hope you have a chance to look around at the different topics, provide feedback & insight, as well as share your thoughts!! Welcome!!