What Are You Unpacking?

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Greetings To My Offerup Family,

I am from East Texas. I have an awesome daughter that is passionate about homesteading. I also, have two dogs (Chihuahua and a ShiChi) to keep me busy. My passions are traveling and gardening. My daily living consist of mindfulness, self-awareness and meditation.

OfferUp is my first experience with an app for selling/buying. I don't even have a Facebook account (I'm not very tech savvy.) However, I have met wonderful people and sold many things the old-fashioned way; through garage sales, farmer’s markets, and consignment shops.

I must admit, that I enjoy OfferUp and all the benefits that it brings into my world. Currently, I am using OfferUp to assist with an estate sale. Right now I have household items galore. Tons of crystal, china, and knick knacks. Who knows what I will unpack tomorrow?

I would sincerely enjoy hearing from my OfferUp family.

What are you unpacking (figuratively or literally)?    Heart


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@Shupat I love that you started this post! I can't wait to see what others chime in with. 

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I'm sure many people would be inspired to read this @Shupat. It's one of the best introductions, I've read here in the forums. As your aware, we have many more members finding there way into the forums so, hopefully, this will serve to allow others to follow your lead.


I myself, have found OfferUp also to lead to a few new relationships through sales. I deal with NFL memorabilia. Nothing anyone needs but, like art, people have an appetite for it. OfferUp allowed me to make some kids and families very happy through items I had available, that I otherwise, only would have sold to highest bidder in more traditional memorabilia circles or eBay. People have actual sent me pictures of their kids on Christmas day opening an item....I can't tell you how much more rewarding that has been to me. 

More needed items that I've had, I don't sell but rather take to Cuba. Churches and families in need of more basic necessities so I take those items a couple of times a year. Maybe one day, I'll be able to devise a way to incorporate OfferUp into my Cuba missions.


Looking forward to hearing from others as well.

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@cyclomatic  Thank you for the compliment. This is an @Elin inspired topic.


It is obvious that you enjoy helping others in need and worthwhile causes.

Did you know there are scientific benefits in helping others?

Studies show that helping others reduce stress while boosting your happiness, and sense of well being.

You must be a very happy and healthy person.  Smiley Happy


Pairing OfferUp and your Cuba missions sounds feasible. I hope that you pursue that idea.


Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks @Shupat, I am a very happy person. You probably know better than most, happiness is a choice. And helping others - whether my next door neighbor or across boarders - those opportunities allow me to stay more motivated.

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Started on OFFERUP to simply...just simplify!

I love your play on words.  Heart


So, you are using offerup as a platform for single parents with children currently living in the household.

Fascinating! Do tell how.