What are the best and safest ways to sell on offer up?

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@Rocksteady85 well the first thing to do is exactly what you've done ask here in the forum ! The people here are helpful knowledgeable and friendly. First take good clear pictures of your product, remember the picture sells long before you do. Next make sure to write a detailed and informed description. Don't clutter it with unnecessary information! People tend to have a short attention span so you don't want them to loose interest. Last make sure to never leave the app to do business. This is of utmost importance. You will very likely have somebody that give you a number for you to text them, don't do it, this is a scam. So be safe and stay in the OU app. There's probably more good stuff that your going to here and read and this is the right place. Welcome to OU and to the forum good luck and I look forward to reading your success story!

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In addition to the awesome recommendations of my friend, @Woodguychris.
Please review the OfferUp TOS & Guidelines prior to Posting... It has saved me numerous x's from error codes! GLTU & Ciao´ for now...
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@Rocksteady85--Hello & welcome to the forums!! As you sell on OfferUp be sure to indicate if your price is firm or negotiable, update your location so there's no confusion, indicate local pickup or shipping available, & most importantly try to respond in a prompt, timely manner. Wishing you the best & stay safe!!