What do you find yourself using OfferUp for most?

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I just started using it a few weeks ago and have yet to sell an item, but I am hopeful. I see now that bumping an item is a must. I have a lot of electonics I sell for myaelf, family, and friends. I'm just putting a couple items up at a time and seeing how it goes. This is a great resource though!
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jewelry and accessories are good things to sell and go quickly, as well as pretty much all electronics. household items move well also
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I sell and fix nothing a else other than car audio I make people happy and make money at same time as well as saving them money for items non affordable brand new. Everything I sell is name brand in great condition and guaranteed to work with the possibility of trade ins and open to all offers. It's great quick and easy met alot of people with the same interests which is pretty cool as well.
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Hi @ChristoBell just hang in there, just follow the great advice here on the forum from some of the top selling OfferUp members. And you’ll be selling tons of items. OfferUp is my go to app!. I usually listing items and before i can get the second item listed, I have messages on the first one😂 most important things are putting the right prices - pictures - descriptions of items - being honest - quick response back - keeping your items close to the front so people see it more often. 😊
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I mostly use OfferUp to sell my electronics. I know they’ll get sold quickly and I take SUPER GREAT CARE of my things. I can pack an iPhone and all its accessories back into its original box like it’s never been touched a day in its life (without the plastic seals of course). My husband thought I was being ridiculous by obsessing over keeping the boxes to our things well cared for, but he had no complaints when I just sold his Red iPhone 7+ for more than he thought he could get.

I just bought my son the new Minecraft edition Xbox One and when he ripped into the box a little piece of my heart broke off, lol. But yea, I mostly use it when I want to get rid of an electronic that upgraded on. iPhone 7+ got sold when I bought the iPhone X, HP laptop got sold when I got a MacBook Pro, etc
I use it for my small business diy projects and selling big items that needs to find a new home.
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Kaila you should give him what he thought he could get for it and keep the difference.