What do you find yourself using OfferUp for most?

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Same here.
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December 19,2015.The day our NE Wi. cabin/small house had an electrical fire i awoke too.Just mere days after purchase,so much of the subsequent costs have come out of our own pockets.I use OfferUp to buy,and save items & dream ,as we lost everything inside,but fortunately fire dept.saved house and we are now just getting stuff back in during rehab construction.So i would say i have lots of dreams on OfferUp more so than my purchases or sold items.
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@NavyGuy--I'm very sorry that your home & family experienced a fire, but it's great that you can use OfferUp as a tool & resource to refurnish & rebuild!! Thanks so much for sharing your story and experience!! God bless you in reaching your dreams!! Take care!!
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