What do you find yourself using OfferUp for most?

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Hi everyone,
We’re so excited so many of you have joined and registered within the community! I can’t wait to get these conversations going and connect with everyone.
I would love to know what everyone here finds themselves using OfferUp for most. Do you find yourselves using it for your own creative DIY projects? Are you a new parent who has decorated your baby’s room with items from OfferUp? Maybe you are a newlywed and find yourself using it more for decorating your new house you’re building together 😃 Perhaps you’re a collector and find treasures on OfferUp, or are a teacher and use it to buy items for your classroom.
Whatever the case, let’s start sharing with the community. Share below or feel free to create your own post on what you mostly find yourselves using it for. I can’t wait to see! 
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I have a brick and mortar, I also sell on other ecommerce sites, but I started using OfferUp for large furniture items and items I need to move. I am new, I have had a couple of sales, so I am hopeful!

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@Decades_Antqs We're so glad you're here with us! 

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I find myself using OfferUp for pretty much anything nowadays-household/furniture items, sports equipment, gardening tools, etc...- if I don't find it on OfferUp (or it's not within my preferred driving distance)  I move on to my local retailers or department stores. I have found so many incredible items here-and all the sellers I've dealt with in the past 18 months have been super friendly and professional -Great bang for your buck!

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@FearLess Awesome!! You're right, there are so many amazing items for sale on OfferUp. Anything from brand new items, to DIY items, to furniture, to antiques, to tools, to jewelry... you name it! 

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I use offer up for my business I sell jewelry and decided to try offer up to sell locally and its going well I really like the app its simple and easy to use and I've met with so many people and made some friends this past year its great also I do look for items to purchase myself there are great deals around my area.
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@JesusSaves That's great!

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I started using offer up because a good friend recommended the app I was planing a yard sale with a few items mainly furniture and he recommended the app I was lil skeptical must admit but it was a success and I made more money than a yard sale would of had ever allow me to make After that I also became a buyer I had found great great unbelievable deals in offer up that honestly no where else in this world I would be able to find My family and friends often ask where I got specific thinga that they been contemplating to buy in store but haven't bcs of the pricey marks on those items I always say offer up Now my mother became a member of course just a buyer she's obsessed with the app offer up as replace Facebook and trust that was a hard one Smiley WinkI think offer up is an amazing app put it like this I go to offer up for everything and I mean EVERYTHING 🤗
I've been on here for about two and a half years & I love OfferUp! Not only do I sell on here, but I also buy quite often. As an avid Miami Dolphins fan & mom I am constantly looking for memorabilia to add to my families collection at a reasonable price, and OfferUp is my go-to for that!! Out of the many interactions that I have had, I can honestly say only a handful of them have a negative. The search tools are easy to use, and the app itself is very user-friendly!!
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@Karylove Awwww, tell your mom we say hi! Smiley Happy