What do you find yourself using OfferUp for most?

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I use it to sell stuff off course! What other reason would you use a selling APP for. This isn't a hook up site.

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I use offer up to both make and spend money. I recently moved into an apartment so I've done a lot of shopping on here and garage sales. I love offer up when I'm trying to sell things after I spring clean, or fall clean... winter...summer I'm constantly decluttering.
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And just so you know, it's also a buying app as well.

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Yes, same! I always check offerup before going to the store and more times than not, I find what I need and for half the cost (:

I used to spend most of my time selling household products on offer up as it is the best place ANYWHERE for selling products like faucets, jumper cables, lighting, coffee makers, bedding, etc. NOW that Offer-Up has extended its audience and you can now ship items similar to ebay, I am getting sales for items I listed a year ago, like shoes and clothing and I find I spend most of my time selling items from my shopify website as well. I predict Offer-Up is well on its way to putting ebay out of business. They are very easy to work with. Don't involve themselves in your business like ebay does and I really enjoy doing business on their site. 


I spend equal amounts of time buying on Offer-Up. I look on offer up first. I do a quick research on ebay and or google. Sometimes the offer up price is higher, but 95% of the time it is MUCH MUCH lower. So I am changing what I sell on offer up because the sales I am getting today are not what I sold last year. The market has opened up. I encourage people to test products, see how they do, then go from there. 

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I find myself using OfferUp just to sell things it's kind of a little hobby I've picked up on! Other than that I don't really buy much on here.
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Use it mainly for my paintings and such ;-; I'm just an artist who wants to make paintings for all the anime lovers, gamers, etc >~<!
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I think i use offerup mostly to entertain myself,,,,,,i mean i sell some stuff,,,,,and make a profit on my items and even pays for my time,,,,,but,,,,,its just a hobby,,,,,,,,if i was really serious about the money,,,,,,,a couple days work would pay more than what ive made so far on offerup,,,,,,also though ive made some friends on offerup,,,,,,,one of my repeat buyers was working next door and recognized my truck the other day and knocked on my door,,,,,,,,that was a surprise.

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Thanks. I've a home of gift years from my parents I have LOTSto get rid of... 🤗🤔😋😎🤣😃😀😛🙄
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