What do you find yourself using OfferUp for most?

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I am sure that you will do well  be patent  and don't give up.

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i buy and sell used motorcycles. i find unloved bikes and give them some tlc so they can get back on the road and b loved by someone new.
my fiance uses offer up to find baby toys and clothes and furniture and type list goes on and on. now that the free section came into play i gotta pull the phone away from her sometimes haha. keep up the good work.
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Everything! Lol. It's my go-to when I'm looking for just about anything and everything. I recently moved into a new place and had nothing but thanks to the community I've been able to completely furnish my place without spending a ton of money.
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It is nice to know that you are working together
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I love this page . So many great things . I hope to find Barbie collectors. These are old experience Bob Mackie one if the grestest designers of all times
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In my opinion, the top items that sell the fastest are iPhones. However, you must not overprice the phone. It’s a fast sale, which is fast money. The more action your listing receives, means it moves your listing to the top.
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Selling things I no longer need, or just don’t have the space for anymore.

I rarely use this to purchase anything, mostly for selling.
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You know thats one thing that i really like about offer up is that i use it to buy things just as much as i use it to sell things. And this is the first site like this where i have been able to buy as much as i sell. Good deals and good people. Thats what its about for me.
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, I find myself with a ton of Coach purses Timberland shoes and antique jewelry, and also helping neighbors with whatever they need like if it's a lamp or a new table or whatever if I hear neighbor say something they need and I can find it on OfferUp at a decent price I'll pick it up for him or her