What do you find yourself using OfferUp for most?

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Hello local community Smiley Happy I find myself selling more than buying because I'm in a decluttering phase right now lol and thankfully OfferUp is at least a 50% success rate compared to other apps when it comes to ppl not jerking your chain and wasting your time. Getting to know a fellow buyer/seller is different though and making new friends/connections is always good in my book.
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I do Custom interior design and decor. I am excited to find people that want to love their home. My goal is to find customers wanting their home to look as beautiful as they can imagine it. Everything I create is custom per your request. it may be your kitchen your curtains or just to tie some pillows on your sofa to tie with every thing else in your room or help you design a makeover. If you are looking for and interior decorator to custom make your ideas come to life I'm here to help you .
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I sell various products here on offerup. I am also selling on Amazon and very new in my learning of E-commerce. Looking for people willing to share knowledge and show me the way.
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@Phwilson94 We're so happy to have you here with us Smiley Happy Make sure to check out our Pro Tips forum, as well as our Tips blog for some great knowledge that's been shared by community members already! 

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I use it mostly for selling tools
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where can I post what I stated on this forum in my profile as those are the services I offer there aren't pictures to state my services
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I'm new to this app. I'm selling a baby crib that I never used and ready to let it go.
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You can photoshop nice rooms.

When people click in they'll know.

In forum you can post in local connections.
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What a big difference in OfferUp app between iOS and Android
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Selling everything I cant / won't put In storage as I move