What does being neighborly mean to you?

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Not mowing the grass at 7 am sunday morning
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Absolutely! No Loud Noises on Sundays @ least til noon... 😊
You have my vote 👍
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Totally agree, @Pjstarrett!! Welcome to the community Smiley Happy

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lol @Pjstarrett , welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,why sunday morning?,,,,,,,i mean why does the day of the week make a difference?,,,,,,,,,if its daylight,,and the grass is dry,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,I mowed last saturday at 6 am,,,,,,,,,i knew it would not disturb my neighbor ,because i heard them come in drunk friday night at around 2 am,,,,,so i knew they would be sound asleep and not be bothered by my mower.


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---It is called "Common Courtesy"---
Since mowers, blowers, etc...
are heard all hours/days... 😕
One Day of Rest is appropriate 👍

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Being neighborly to me means having a mutal respect for each other. Saying hello when ypu see one another. Keeping an eye out for each other's property.
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Being neighborly means being respectful:if everyone respects one another enough not to impinge on the property,space,and feelings of everyone else,then we all would be truly 100% free. On socializing: don't react to other's opinions,and be forgiving.
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You contribution is appreciated and respected! 👍😊 Forgiveness...
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Stay away from my family and I.
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It's great that you're aware of your neighborhood & engage within it, & keeping in mind the importance of treating others the way you would like them to treat you!!