What does being neighborly mean to you?

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I agree I like all folks and can help ,and give one act of random kindness to all
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Being neighborly to me means being kind, courteous, honest, respectful and generally treating others the way you like to be treated and so much more.
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Being neighborly is shoveling your neighbors side walks without being asked.
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Being mindfull, courteous, open-minded, respectful, communicative, listen to both sides of everything^ gather the facts^then draw your own conclusion. And smile Smiley Happy
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I think you pretty much took the words right out of my mouth. Growning up the neighborhood was like your second cousin . Everyone was like family. When my Big Mama passed alot of my "second cousin" had learned alot from her. This day and age ppl are not neighborly

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Yes and we should All be like family. Awwweee your post reminds me of home....

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Being neighborly is not just smiling and waving hello or good-bye in passing. It is so much more. Its having your neighbors back.
Looking out for them, their house, their kids when you see them playing around the neighborhood, its having their best interest at heart and its having their well-being in mind.
Being neighborly doesnt stop there, you dont have to live nextdoor or down the street to consider someone a neighbor.
To me being neighborly is caring about people. Its helping others, sharing, teaching, doing, protecting, standing up for, its being good to others. Being neighborly is humanity at its best. Off line and On line.
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Absolutely ! Requardless of weather they speak or not!! Some people just don’t speak just because!!
Just Continue to do your part💕and God bless you
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Being neighborly to me means being polite, offering to help someone else out without them having you to do so, and also interacting with someone who doesn’t know you.
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To me it means not are you only nice to the people that live around you but out in the community's as well. If I'm at a store and someone can't reach something I'm more than happy to help. Where I live they aren't as neighborly as what I'm used to, pretty much everybody sticks to themselves so I spread my sunshine in other places.