What does being neighborly mean to you?

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Hi everyone!


Being neighborly is something that we talk about and encourage often, but that got me thinking... what does being neighborly mean to you?


Do you have a neighbor that you get along with? How often do you engage with your actual neighbors? Do you open the door for people, or maybe let someone skip you in line at the store because they only have 1 item? There are so many different ways for people to promote a sense of community and be neighborly towards each other Smiley Happy


Let us know what you think being neighborly entails for you!



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Being Neighborly is always passing it forward., you will always get it back in return in different ways., and this thread is one of them with all the great members posts. 😎🇬🇧

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Being respectful, knowledgeable and engaged.
But also being aware of your neighborhood heartbeat and how you help it maintain a steady rhythm.
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Hi @Spearhead13 welcome to the forum,,,,,,,,,,i like your post,,,,,,but am not sure what it mean,,,,definitions are not as sound as they used to be ,,,,,,i would really be interested in you explaining that in more detail,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just two nights ago  i had to become "engaged" with a new neighbor and ended up calling the police,,,,,i did this to help him become more "knowledgeable" in how important it is to be more "respectful" of my space and not block my driveway with his truck.,,,all this was done  to help "maintain a steady rhythm "  in my neighborhood.,,,,,,,when i told a mexican friend about the incident at work , he was laughing and said that hes pretty sure the new neighbors would probably refer to me as "gringo loco" in the future.

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Love this post, @Spearhead13! Welcome to our community Smiley Happy

Do you do neighborhood/community-related activities often? 

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Being neighborly to me is looking out for one another, it is lending an helping hand when someone is in need. My neighbors and I really do not interact much but when we see each other we do tend to speak and acknowledge eachother presence. I had one neighbor come and tell me that I had left my car door open and it was actually a shocker to me because I had just moved in. By him doing this it showed me that he was watching out for me and being a good neighbor.
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I really dont believe you have to be helpful to anyone or social at all with anyone to be a good neighbor,,,,,,,,,,,,i think a good neighbor just respects the rights of others and the property of others,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my neighbors change over the years,,,,,,,ive had neighbors that ive shared meals with ,,,,,,,,neighbors that ive went out with ,,,,,,,neighbors that i was friends with,,,,,,,,,,neighbors that were helpful and neighbors that ive helped,,,,,,,,and ive also had good neighbors that i maybe spoke to once in a couple years that were great neighbors,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the ones that are not good neighbors are the ones that disrespect the rights or property of others ,,,,,,,,,,,,some folks are just not social and dont want to be bothered,,,,,,,,but that doesnt mean they are not good neighbors,      i am a great neighbor,,,,i help folks with what ever they need help with,,,,,,i will water your plants when you are gone,,,,,but i will also call the police and get your child arrested when i see them breaking the law,,,,i will call animal control and have your cat repeatedly trapped on my property and taken to the animal shelter till you get the idea to keep it out of my garden,,,,i will have your dog picked up if you cant keep it out of my yard,,,,,,,and i will see to it that you get arrested if you are selling drugs in my neighborhood,,,,,,,,,,,but if you need me to,,,,,,i will mow your lawn while you are in jail,and take care of your dog.

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@0317 exactly! I keep my space from them and they are fine with that. I make small talks with neighbors but that was pretty much it. But I was super awesome neighbor since I never annoyed them.
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Thanks for sharing @jaydixon0409!

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You are very welcome
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hi  im glad you like the message. thank you neighbor