What does being neighborly mean to you?

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The United States of America. Tells all we the people ate the united in that slogan. Neighborly is all of us (U.S.)
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What you wrote is super hard to follow or understand. Can you please re-write it so that it’s easier for everyone to understand. Thanks. 👍
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My idea of neighbourly may not be to popular and my idea being a true friend either but its how I believe so I'll share it with you. Just promise to read it with an open mind. So here goes, sometimes a true friend and neighbor has to be willing to tell them when their wrong as well as all the good stuff everybody else has mentioned here. If they have mistreated another neighbor, maybe one that's not so popular, or said something inappropriate. We all have had times that our best buddies have embarrassed us by pulling out their jerk card. Maybe they got a little drunk or road rage set in or their just hot headed, a true friend, ( which I believe in compasses neighborly also) is probably the only person close enough to get away with telling them that they are wrong that they will here it from. If you don't tell them then your disrespectful to them, yourself and the entire neighborhood!

I believe being neighborly is looking out for one an other . Ex. Picking up their mail when they're on vacation. Getting the kids from the bus stop. Babysitting, a helping hand
It Feels good to see people actually happy rather you are doing business or just being able to be yourself excepting or giving great advice or being helpful to your neighbor..Always be humble good people. .1 Love
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To me its keeping your neighbor in mind at all times. Example: Listening to music, not blasting your music. Smiling and saying hi when you pass them. Invite them to small gathering you may have at your house. Most of all, minding your own business. :0)
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Being neighborly to me means:
Being a stand-in Family member. Treating others like their Grandparent, Parent, Sibling, or Best Friend (etc.) would.
It doesnt always mean 'going the extra mile' for someone. At times an 'extra step', the smallest gesture of kindness, is all someone needs. 🥰
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Same here!!