What does being neighborly mean to you?

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Totally agree, @Mpuck1972! True story - I once saved an old neighbors life! Probably one of the scariest things I've ever gone through, and I'm so happy I was able to help. So yeah! I totally agree with the "in the event of an emergency" part of your post! 

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Thanks I was in the Army for 20 years and I spent my spare time as a counter firefighter and first responder helping others is in my blood
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That is so amazing to hear, @Mpuck1972! And thank you for your service Smiley Happy

I was just a lifeguard back in the day, and my old lifeguard training came out instantly when I saw my neighbor in trouble and I instantly shouted out "HI, MY NAME IS MJ AND I AM FIRST AID CERTIFIED HOW CAN I HELP YOU SIR?!?!" 

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That's awesome brother it is people like us that keep fighting from the sidelines and making that difference I appreciate your comments and you are welcome by the way I was proud to serve and I would go back in a heartbeat
Same here
I try to pick up trash out of my neighbor's yard while I'm taking care of my lawn, don't even speak on it cause I need no applause it's just the right thing to do. I also give away clothes for free just because I have way more than enough to give, & $ isn't everything.
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That's awesome if you go out of your way to help those less fortunate you will be blessed
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That’s me .. where I live I stay in my lane
Never had any issue with my neighbors
And I have been residing here for almost 20 years .
I acknowledge them by speaking in other words throwing my hands up!
If I see something that wasn’t cool
I let them know when I see them!
But I do not knock on their door
Normally if I have extra food I give to my neighbors and I have an older neighbor so I go check on her.
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~Ciao´ @1Businesslady
Love this !!
A very caring neighbor you are 1Businesslady 👍😊