What does being neighborly mean to you?

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hi @REINVENTEDakasp welcome to the neighborhood

Acting on a daily basis as if your community begins with you.
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Being Neighborly is being friendly towards your neighbors, giving a helping hand when needed. Giving a smile. Talking and watching out for one anothers property. Respecting them and treat them the way I want to be tretreated.
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You nailed the core values of being neighborly. Smiley Happy


Here Is A Neighborly Tip: If you are speaking/responding to someone specific or want members to respond put this @ in front of their username.

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Hi @TUrbs actualy i think its more neighborly to treat them how they want to be treated instead of how we might want to be treated,,,,,,,i have some neighbors that are indeed good neighbors , that dont want anyone bothering them at all,,,,,they dont want anyone to be "friendly" toward them ,,,,,they dont want to have to respond to anyone,,,,,they just want to be left alone.

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Being respectful to one another and help each other out and getting to know one another ☺
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@Megangarza21 Love that Smiley Happy

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"Exhibiting the qualities expected in a Friendly neighbor..." ☺

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