What does being neighborly mean to you?

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Being Neighborly is always passing it forward., you will always get it back in return in different ways., and this thread is one of them with all the great members posts. 😎🇬🇧
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@Hotrod-I totally agree with you!! Awesome feedback!!
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Being quiet, saying hello when we see each other.
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Right! Everyone on this thread has said some interesting stuff that makes me want to reconsider how i treat my neighbors. I guess its okay to wave and say good morning to your neighbors every now and then. And even saying hello to others in the neighboring streets is okay too because we never know if someone could be a potential customer. Its always a good idea to be courteous to everyone.
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I'm neighborly to non neighbors.
I love everyone..polite even if they are not..life is short..too short..being a vet a know this firsthand..#frontline
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@Dznutz--Welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! This is a great place to interact with other buyers and sellers, along with community members!! It's a great thing when you can treat your neighbors in a positive way even if you don't always receive it. Welcome again!! Thank you so much for your response!!
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Being neighborly is talking over a fence with your neighbor but only ever showing the upper half of your face. #EarlHindman
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Fun analogy!
Appreciate your feedback 👍☺