What does being neighborly mean to you?

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It means to be there for each other, and help out when you can even as simple as giving advice, having that trust with my neighbors has been amazing and my husband and I really love our neighborhood, we all watch out for one another, it's like a family feeling.
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Hi Neighbors, i feel like a fool. Me in my own world. This neighbor thing flew right over my head . I have been selling on here for a year or better. I am single , unattached at the moment and lkng. I thought maybe i was imagining things , but it all seems to fit now. Neighborly has a whole new definition on offer up. I am sorry for the past Neighborly opertunities i let fly bye. I didnt think it appropriate for me to take meeting by a sale to improve my social life not that it doesn't need It , just old school i guess. Well i am sorry for lost but not forgotten opertunities . Here's to the future. Sorry ladies I had no idea. Yours Truely, left in the dust

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To me I think it means being there for one another if we needed help or advice or just a friend it's about being respectful looking out for each other
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You are using OfferUp to meet women?????? Gez is nothing safe from being used as a dating sight anymore?!
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@Shupat: Thank You for Helping with the forum! Looking forward to maybe meeting you sometime.
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Awesome & comical reply...😂😁
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Neighborly means trustworthy, Respect for each other, Ive notice here recently if you have a price set .. and the other person wants you to lower the price for their convenience you know they get offended !! and call you Names .. I just Block them !
Some how they makes another fake name & page and says something similar
I block again! Just so annoying!!
We just have to be very careful, every body is not honest.. you have All types of people here.. Scammers, thief’s, robbers, and they are desperate.. holidays are near.. and don’t go back fourth with them just BLOCK them and be Safe!
And don’t sell Anything along!!
I am a Faithful True Member!!
As you can see the BLUE be safe guys
Don’t fall for anything

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Posting in english
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It means if you can help someone, help them with honesty, out of love
Something happen a couple of days ago
I had a stove for sale for 40.00 bulks
The lady said she wanted to purchase the stove but she only had 20. 00 bulks
Know I kid you not my husband out the stove on his truck since it wasn’t to far from our house like 2 miles took it to her house ( free) because the stove works perfectly fine but only 2 burners and a oven works .. just minor problems
But it’s better than nothing at all for 20.00 bulks she was over Appreciative her and her 2 kids!!!!!
She said they cook hot dogs and fried French fries that night because she had just got her stamps that day !!
That made my day!!!
I do food giveaways every month on second Saturday, so I also make sure my neighbors get food too.