What is an organic view and buyer view in item performance?

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Before this thread gets pushed down due to inactivity.

I would like to point out, that I also noticed this and it is quite odd.

Did the math. It cannot be views per month or avarage views etc.

Possible broken or unfinished feature.

I do recall reading some blog entry about the performance chart from one of the mods, but it was still in the testing phase, and the metrics are flawed.


In theory, an organic view would mean that the "click"/view of the specific ad was a result of a user browsing through your ads from your profile (ie...from the "See more items from seller X"). Currently, there is no abiltiy to search for a specific user/profile.


In regards to "buyer" view, usually it would equal to a user clicking on a specific item within the feed or from the search option.


All the above is useless, if the performance chart does not differentiate the overall views from a buyer that requires the item to be SHIPPED vs. LOCAL/PICKUP, since some sellers may not offer shipping, offer shipping only, etc.

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I actually noticed this performance chart for the first time a few days ago and tried to search for an answer to appease my curiosity and so, thank you @factsdontcare for clarifying it up a little. But as I was reading your response a thought occurred to me; one of my for sale items has nearly 200 views in a couple days but what if I get a thousand views and still can’t sell it? Ah, then your response may be that my listing price is too high for the worth of the item and I should lower it. Well the thing is, this item was listed as free. But you know what, I still enjoy looking at the item performance graph and see how many looks I’m getting and the trend data.