What is the average time to make a sale? Days? Weeks?

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Trying to reach anyone in the Shawnee, OKC Metro, Yukon and mustang areas. I will be posting almost half my household for sale shortly but am new to this site. We travel from Seminole/Shawnee OK all the way to Chickasha regularly. So anywhere in between or right around those areas I can most likely meet if interested in anything. Thanks!
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Unfortunately the forum and app are not directly linked, so we are unable to see your items.

Time of sales varies on what is being sold / popularity / condition / need.

In my experience a week or two although mainly electronics.

Make sure your descriptions are accurate and concise, pictures well lit and prices reasonable based on the current market.

I would also mention the locations / days you are able to meet in the begining of the description.

Best of luck❗🙂