What is the problem with trying to sell my puppies on offer up?

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Im not a puppy farm nor am I a breeder, I have 10 adorable puppies that I would like to find good homes for. They are healthy and have had thier vaccinations. Ive been with offer up for years and have a good profile. Is there a site that someone may know of that I can use?
Thanks Offerup Friends
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Offerup cant control where the puppies go to and wants to make sure that the animals go to good homes. That's why they do not allow any animals to be posted. I would find another site that does allow them to sell your animals. I would use google.
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Hey there, @Loucifer! This is a good question. Since many states have different laws for selling animals, we've made the decision to not allow for animals to be posted. There wouldn't be a way for us to ensure that the animals all have their vaccinations and such, so live animals are listed on our Prohibited Items Guideline.

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Thank you I didn’t know that. Is that why I can’t sell anything anymore? How can I fix that?