What is the strangest question reguarding your item?

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I was asked to trade and told the person no I dont do trades. Then a few days later they asked to trade again on a different item.
I also put no trades accepted in my username to cut down on those. I was then asked if I would trade my Xbox One for shoes. I laughed and told the guy about my username. He admitted that he didnt even read my username!
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people playin saying if I deliver to China or if the item is free when it says 40$
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Would you wear it for a reference to what it will look like!?
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Well so far I haven’t really experienced anything too crazy or weird but I look forward to post on here to compare
I got one for ya! I sell Quartz Crystals and people keep messaging me asking if they can smoke it or they ask if it's meth. What the heck is wrong with people? I'm like come on, it looks like a huge quartz rock why are you asking such a stupid question? 😱😵
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Lmao... what the hell is wrong with people?!??
@Rumblingballz91 for real! I'm like if you really want to smash this 5 pound quartz crystal up and try to smoke it that's totally up to you! 😂
I look for keywords that are red flags first word is item, no one really says item they call it for what it is not an item seems odd, PayPal another word like no too many scammers cash only I have more but I need to get back to you with them
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@RAYEE--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forum!! I hope you have an amazing opportunity to interact with other buyers and sellers along with community members, explore the different forums, & share your thoughts and ideas!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
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What size doll fits in the dollhouse? Has to be it for me. Especially when you see the size of the dollhouse.