What is the strangest question reguarding your item?

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@Micaelalala wrote:
Had an Audrey Hepburn drivers license gag gift. Received message asking
"Can you do vermont?"

Turns out he was under the impression I was distributing phony ID cards.

OMG!! HAHA! This is hilarious!! Smiley LOL

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WOW @Micaelalala that’s great! made my day on that one. 😂
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Long story short.

Buyer: Hi, can you drop the $8 item you are selling 140miles up north? I will pay you $17 in gas.

Me: I can always just ship it and it will only cost you $10-$12 in total


Me: That or there's one in amazon for same price

Buyer: Buy I will pay for your gas...


Asks me i can drop off an $8 item 140 miles away says he will pay for gas. Waste of time and money and stand to lose money even with paid gas. Starts being rude after denying his offer. Had a nice laugh that day.

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🤦🏼‍♀️  So what you're saying is, you went on a road trip - right, @Jsb267Smiley LOL

Willing to pay for gas but not shipping is so silly! 

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Was thinking of just offering him the item for free if it was the other way around. Him driving over here, he pays for the gas, he pays nothing for the item. But my clairvoyant guess would be that it would not be worth anyones time. Maybe he can take a private jet to pick it up, that might have been a lot faster but that might be a bit too much. Smiley LOL

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Offer shipping instead they don't want shipped then it's not worth you risking road Trip that's gonna cost More. Sound's fishy to me. Set-up of not good coming from it
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First thing I did was offer shipping I've done it before. But his hesitance and complete refusal of it was too shady. Sometimes gut instinct works best.

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@Mj_206 Someone offered you a gun for makeup! WOW! That is crazy and scary. I don’t know how I would of handled that. It’s incredible what some people will do. Only really crazy thing that happened to me is, My picture on OfferUp is me with a cheesecake, I love cheesecake. He offered me half a cheesecake for a SSD drive. I just laughed. I hope he was just joking. He never answered my reply. 

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Someone actually did, @Jones68!! They are no longer a seller now.

Mmmmmm Cheesecake for SSD drives - what a great tradeoff! 

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@Mj_206 I really really thought about it! LOL!